Epson XP-860 Driver, Software, Download, and Setup

This is the Epson XP-860 is could print beautiful records, the per-page cost of ink, as well as a couple of other things, limit it to a business file printer. However, if brilliant, in-depth, high-quality photos, with the periodic service record thrown in, are exactly what you’re after, we believe you’ll like this printer. (You’ll additionally obtain easy, attractive scans as well as duplicates of both images and multipage, two-sided papers.) It may not be cheap for what it is, but we doubt you’ll have quibbles about any one of its output, theoretically or digital.

Epson XP-860 Driver

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Epson XP-860 Printer is USB, as well as Ethernet links, are provided behind the printer. Nevertheless, the wireless connection is most likely the simplest and WPS setup suggests this takes just a few button presses to get the Expression Photo XP-860 connected to your wireless router.

Also, while both makers use Epson’s Claria Photo HD inks, the XP-860 makes use of the 277-version of typical XL high-capacity cartridges. Epson approximates that the standard black cartridge will certainly yield about 240 web pages, while the color cartridges will print about 360 pages. The yields on the XL cartridges are approximated at 500 pages for the black cartridge and 740 web pages for the shade cartridges. Common capacity cartridges cost $11 each, while the XL cartridges are valued at $20 for the black ink and also $17 for every of the color cartridges.

The Epson XP-860 has the precise very same touchscreen we such as on the XP-820. It’s big, as well as you move through the menus by swiping horizontally and also the submenus by swiping vertically. Navigation is intuitive, as well as the icons, as well as menu selections themselves, are straightforward.
Nevertheless, that it makes use of six inks additionally considerably raises its general price each web page (CPP), specifically if you make use of the company’s standard-capacity ink tanks. For example, when you use the standard storage tanks, black-and-white prints will certainly cost you around 4.6 cents each, and shade web pages, when the printer is using just the standard CMYK cartridges, run about 13.6 cents. Nevertheless, when the light-cyan and light-magenta containers kick in, the shade CPP might jump as high as 19.6 cents, which is fairly high for a mainstream inkjet printer.

Note that these computations are based on the per-cartridge rate of $10.99 on Epson’s Web site. The black storage tank is rated (by Epson) at 240 pages, and the shade tanks are all rated at 360 web pages. You can do a little better with Epson’s supposed high-capacity, or “XL,” storage tanks. The black XL tanks generate about 500 pages and sell on Epson’s site for $19.99, as well as the 5 shade cartridges are good for concerning 740 pages as well as cost $16.99 each.

Making use of these numbers and also the XL storage tanks, we estimate that the black-and-white CPP must exercise around 4 cents each. Shade pages (when utilizing the common four procedure colors) ought to run regarding 11.4 cents, or around 15.5 cents when all 6 shades start. While these numbers correspond with those of several other photo printers, they’re still costly compared with high-volume business-oriented printers. Yet, then again, those service versions don’t generally print photos along with this photo-centric printer does. When taking into consideration whether the XP-860 is right for you, it’s essential to determine exactly what type of result matters most to you, in addition to just how much of it you need to print.

Epson XP-860 Ink

  • Epson 277XL, Black Ink Cartridge, High Capacity 277XL $19.99
  • Epson 277XL, Cyan Ink Cartridge, High Capacity 277XL $16.99
  • Epson 277XL, Yellow Ink Cartridge, High Capacity 277XL $16.99
  • Epson 277XL, Light Cyan Ink Cartridge, High Capacity 277XL $16.99
  • Epson 277XL, Light Magenta Ink Cartridge, High Capacity 277XL $16.99
  • Epson 277XL, Magenta Ink Cartridge, High Capacity 277XL $16.99

Epson XP-860 Download


Epson XP-860 Driver Download, Software, and Setup

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